March and April contributions

The following is a short summary of my open source work in March and April, almost like in previous months, except that I haven’t spent as much time as previously on Open Source the last two months.



  • Bugfixes for the upcoming Mopidy 2.0.1 (which should have been released a long time ago): merged PR #1455, created PR #1493.

  • Started on, but didn’t finish, fixing the Travis CI setup for Mopidy-GMusic.

  • Upgraded the Mopidy project server from Ubuntu 14.04 LTS to 16.04 LTS. Rebuilt the Discourse/Docker instance.

  • Accepted Lars Kruse as the new maintainer of Mopidy-Beets. Thanks!

  • The extensions still in need of a new maintainer are:

    If you’re a user of any of these and want to contribute, please step up. Instructions can be found in the README of any of these projects.