February contributions

The following is a short summary of my open source work in February, just like in previous months.



  • Released Mopidy-Spotify 2.3.1: Works around search being broken in libspotify by using the Spotify Web API for the search functionality, and nothing else.

  • Wrapped up and released Mopidy 2.0 release. This was a quite large release that ports to GStreamer 1.x and adds support for gapless playback. It was uploaded to Debian in time to be part of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

  • Released Mopidy-Spotify 3.0.0: A couple of small compatibility fixes to work with Mopidy 2.x and GStreamer 1.x.

  • Updates to packages not in Debian, only at apt.mopidy.com:

    • Uploaded mopidy-spotify-tunigo 1.0.0-0mopidy1. Far down the chain, it depends on libspotify, which is not in Debian.
    • Uploaded mopidy-spotify 2.0.0-0mopidy1.
  • Updated homebrew-mopidy with lots of new releases:

    • Mopidy 2.0.0
    • Mopidy-Dirble 1.3.0
    • Mopidy-SoundCloud 2.0.2
    • Mopidy-Spotify 2.3.0, 2.3.1 and 3.0.0
    • python-backports-abc 0.4
    • python-backports-ssl-match-hostname
    • python-certifi 2015.11.20.1
    • python-cffi 1.5.0 and 1.5.2
    • python-requests 2.9.1
    • python-singledispatch
    • python-six 1.10.0
    • python-tornado 4.3
  • Rebased my feature/py3-compat branch on top of Mopidy 2.0.

  • Planned breaking changes for Mopidy 3.0: unbundling of Mopidy.js, removal of deprecated core APIs, model APIs, audio APIs and removal of the http/static_dir config.

  • Planned breaking changes to modernize Mopidy.js: change default calling convention to by-position-or-by-name, replace When.js with ES6 Promise, replace Bane.js with EventEmitter, and replace Buster.js with Karma+Mocha.


  • Started working on the upgrade to Django 1.8. Most deps are upgraded. The major remaining pieces is to upgrade django-registration from 0.8 to 2.0 and to replace the years-old vendored copy of django-invitation (singular) with django-invitations (plural).