December contributions

The following is a short summary of my open source work in December, following up on my first report in November.


  • Uploaded mopidy-dirble 1.2.0-1: New upstream release.
  • Created the pkg-mopidy Alioth team to set myself up for sharing the maintenance of Mopidy packages. As I upload new releases, I’ll gather the git repositories of Debian packages related to Mopidy here. My intention is for the team to follow the DPMT policy closely.
  • Sponsored: python-ase, which adds Python 3 support.


  • The feature/gst1 branch: Finished porting Mopidy from GStreamer 0.10 to PyGI and GStreamer 1.x. Merge of the branch is currently blocked on a single test failure (test_gapless) and issues with transitioning from one track to another with Mopidy-Spotify, which is the only backend using an appsrc for playback.

    The goal is for this branch to be part of Mopidy 1.2, which I hope to have in Debian/Ubuntu before the Ubuntu 16.04 import freeze February 18.

  • The feature/py3-compat branch: I’ve worked quite a bit on this private branch, frequently rebased on top of feature/gst1. Currently Mopidy starts without any crashes on Python 3 and the test suite is down to 262 failed and 1841 passed tests.

    My current thinking, is that this will become part of a Mopidy 2.0 release, which will support both Python 2.7 and 3.4+. As soon as most of Mopidy’s extension ecosystem supports Python 2+3, a new Mopidy major release (3.0?) will drop Python 2 support.

  • Merged a bunch of pull requests, both targeting the 1.1.2 bug fix release and the 1.2 feature release.