November contributions

The following is a short summary of my open source work in November. My hope is that keeping better track of what I’m doing will help me reflect on how I spend my time, and help me to focus my efforts better.



  • Released Mopidy-Spotify 2.2.0: Fixes related to duplicate “Starred” playlists and albums from year 0.
  • Moved Mopidy’s Travis CI testing from Ubuntu 12.04 to Ubuntu 14.04, to prepare for GStreamer 1.x, and eventually testing with Python 3.4. PR #1341
  • Worked on porting Mopidy from GStreamer 0.10 to PyGI and GStreamer 1.x. PR #1339
  • Briefly looked at what remains to get Mopidy running on both Python 2.7 and 3.4+ when we’ve landed the port to GStreamer 1.x. Doesn’t look too bad, except that ConfigParser doesn’t want to work with bytes in Python 3, so there’s no easy way to read a config file referring to a path on a non-UTF-8 file system.


  • Fixed two old crawlers. Added two new crawlers.
  • Needs to upgrade to Django 1.8 before the Django 1.7 security support ends this December.