Mopidy hosted by Rackspace

A week ago Jesse Noller tweeted that Rackspace would provide free Rackspace cloud accounts for open source projects. It only took a couple of hours from I first mailed Jesse to we had two servers up and running.

The Mopidy project’s APT repo and Jenkins CI server at have now moved from my personal server to a Rackspace server. In addition, we got a new Windows server from Rackspace which we use to get more of the Mopidy projects working on Windows, and as a Jenkins builder to run the projects’ test suites on Windows, making sure that the projects continue to work on Windows after the initial porting. The setup process with Rackspace was painless, if you don’t count all the time I spent figuring out how Python works on Windows and how to open the Windows firewall for the Jenkins master without turning the firewall off entirely.

With the luxury of free cloud services, we’ve also set up nightly backup of the servers to Rackspace Cloud Files, and we’re trying out the combination of Cloud Files and the Akamai CDN for hosting larger files from for our associated project, Pi Musicbox.

All in all, we’re very happy with the new setup and want to thank Jesse and Rackspace for supporting Mopidy.