Comics v2.2.0 released with Django 1.5 support

Version 2.2.0 of my comics aggregator is now released. It features a general upgrade of dependencies, including the move from Django 1.4 to Django 1.5, and a lot of updates to comic crawlers.

The Django upgrade was completed months ago and it’s been running my Comics instance since, so it’s about time to get it released before Django 1.6 arrives in a month or two. Regarding the crawler updates, it’s a bit sad to see that many of the crawlers have been broken for months without me or anybody else noticing, but it’s hard to catch some content lacking in the middle of a firehose of similar content. I guess I’ll have to make it a monthly task to look through the crawler status page of my Comics instance and do patch releases with updated crawlers.

Check out the project docs for more information about Comics and this release in particular.